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Read the message below, copy and paste the information we need into an email and get ahead start on your booking. 

Email us

To book in all we need from you is:

The birthday girl/boys name and age:
Your First and Last name:
Email address:

Package-Type: (Classic, DIY, Extravagant)
Date of your party:
The number of kids:
Your address:
Your phone number:

And a deposit of $30 deducted from the main amount.

Here are our bank details:
Making Memories

We offer Laybuy with which splits your payment into 6 weekly automatic payments for you let me know if you want to use this option and we will send you through the link

PLEASE READ THE INFO BELOW SO NOTHING IS MISSED. ( some of the info below doesn't apply to our DIY packages ) 

We require a non-refundable deposit of $30 which is deducted from the main amount to secure your space, theme, free extras and party, without this we can’t guarantee any of this will still be available for you.

Payment is due the Wednesday before your party, we also accept part payments until the date payment is required.

We set this up, remove and clean everything for you.

The price includes GST and everything listed in our package on our website which is more than you would receive anywhere else.

We have over 100 different themes and can mix and match anything, our Instagram has over 500 photos of amazing setups we have done.


If you find better prices bring me the full invoice with the companies name and number which includes GST, petrol and services, as websites have pricing but underlying costs and I’ll beat that price by 5% which allows you to have more options when it comes to themes but the catch is I’ll match their package of what they provide and the service they provide meaning there will probably be less in your package than what we offer, no free extras but still up to our standard of Instagram photo quality presentation. I’m also happy to talk about minimal budget friendly packages meaning removing a lot of our products but getting to where you want to be.

You also get 1-2 free extras with any full priced slumber party, this includes a popcorn theatre machine, chocolate fountain etc listed on our website we have so many cool things to offer. This you can find at the bottom of our Auckland page

There is also an option of a free balloon garland with full priced slumber parties if you blow up 60-80 balloons depending on the size of your party. You can purchase an electric balloon pump of $30 from spotlight. The best place to purchase balloons is look sharp, I don’t recommend Kmart or the warehouse as the balloons pop during the night. We show you how to tie the ends of two of those balloons together of the same colour when we arrive please don’t use string to do this there is a certain way, We whip one together for you once we are finished setting up your party. You will need to purchase cotton string for this also so we can string this together, Garlands start from $250 plus so this saves a lot and gives that wow factor or we can make one for you at an extra cost.

Times for setup are between 9.30am-4pm Friday and Saturday these times are calculated the Tuesday before the weekend of your party. We clear everything off on Sunday between 9.30am-6pm. We are on a schedule across Auckland from one end to the other if you can plan your party after 4pm or get this setup the day before

We provide quality and quantity but mainly an experience, so we have a spare bed and electric pump ready if anything happens, this is not a common occurrence but we like to be prepared and also if something gets broken we don’t charge you this doesn’t usually happen either but we understand things can and we want the kids to have a good time. Please note if SLIME is found on duvets or anything they will need to be replaced at your cost or bad stains does result in additional fees for cleaning.

We are happy to be left a key to have this setup if you are away or working. You can look at our reviews this is quite common.

If you want your slumber party for an extra night get this setup on Friday and picked up on Sunday

Please let us know, what we can do to help you and organise the most spectacular party. 

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Thanks for submitting!

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